Choose from our range of topics to create a week, mini-festival or longer programme exclusively for your staff. Delivered by experienced experts, these engaging sessions last around 35 mins and conclude with a short Q&A. From the serious and work-focused, to the fun and active, there are sessions that all staff will appreciate. 

These are delivered online, but can be delivered in-person if required.  Alternatively you can run any of the sessions separately as a standalone, or pick and choose sessions to fit in with your own internally run wellbeing initiatives.  

Mental health awareness for all employees

This webinar – delivered by our qualified mental health consultant – has been carefully designed to help attendees understand how mental health issues may arise in their workplace, and how to help create a supportive working environment. Including the sections below, it is suitable for employees of all levels.


  • Stress, anxiety and depression – recognising signs and symptoms
  • How to support a colleague is who is struggling
  • Active listening and showing empathy
  • Appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health
  • Ways to stay mentally healthy – with a focus on WFH
Boost your physical health while WFH

This 35 minute webinar – delivered by our physical health expert – provides suggestions, insights, and easy exercise solutions to improve your fitness. It offers recommendations on simple equipment for those looking to invest, and reflects the different living, working, and family situations, as well as disposable time levels, of the audience. 


  • Using WFH to your exercising advantage
  • Health hacks and easy exercise wins
  • Resources and apps to help you stay motivated
  • Adapting these suggestions when ‘normal life’ resumes
  • Q&A – a chance for attendees to get expert advice

Wellbeing for working parents

This webinar – delivered by our employee wellbeing consultant and mum of two children – aims to guide your employees who are juggling work and parenting, helping them maintain their own wellbeing and stay productive. Content is anchored on proven approaches and practices but is always up-to-date in light of the changing situation.


  • Learnings from lockdown and home-schooling
  • Master your time to improve family harmony
  • Boosting your own wellbeing as a parent
  • Managing conflict, resources and support
  • Boosting your child’s / children’s wellbeing
  • The future: WFH, hybrid working and the impact on parenting
Making smart food choices

Delivered by our qualified nutrition expert, this webinar has been refreshed to reflect that many of us are still spending some time working from home, covering areas including smart snack choices, lunch and breakfast for work performance, foods to avoid while working, and the best times to indulge. It concludes with a Q&A section, allowing attendees to get personal, expert advice.


  • Why eating well is so vital, particularly when we are working
  • The fundamental principles of a healthy diet
  • How to save yourself time and effort in the kitchen
  • Smart snack choices
  • Caffeine, sleep hygiene and the importance of hydration
  • The 80/20 approach

Healthy digital habits to improve wellbeing

How can we create healthy digital habits and can they improve our overall wellbeing? We believe so, and in this engaging and thought-provoking session, we’ll explore ways and means to make some healthy adjustments, and amend some dangerous habits that will help mental health, wellbeing, productivity, and sleep.


  • Digital consumption – positive vs negative impacts
  • Screen time, smartphone use, better email management all covered
  • Detox experiences – host’s personal case study and findings
  • Benefits of a detox or a reduction in digital time
  • How to make worthwhile changes and become digitally smart
Active listening and effective communication

As businesses adapt to new ways of working, there has never been a more important time to improve connection, communication, and to listen more. This session will look at what active listening is, how it can be an important tool for workplace performance and wellbeing, and includes proven techniques for effective communication in the workplace.


  • What is active listening and why it is essential
  • Simple steps to develop active listening at work and communicate more effectively
  • Using active listening to boost employee wellbeing
  • Effective communication over digital platforms
  • Applying in-person communication skills and adapting them when WFH
Understanding burnout and how to avoid it

This session has been carefully designed to help attendees understand the early warning signs and the key symptoms of burnout, as well as how to ensure burnout does not engulf your workplace. Alongside looking at how burnout manifests, we explore ways to prevent it in both working and home life, and cover how employers can help to reduce the risk of burnout amongst their staff. 


  • What is burnout? 
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms
  • The five stages of burnout
  • Setting boundaries and prevention methods 
  • Managing burnout – resources, support and recovery 
Overcoming imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a term we are hearing more and more lately, but many people still don’t really know what it means or what to do about it. It’s more common than we think and carries with it a host of negative impacts on our wellbeing. This session will explore Imposter Syndrome in more detail, including what can cause it and practical steps we can make to begin overcoming it.


  • What is Imposter Syndrome and what causes it?
  • Why Imposter Syndrome is a problem
  • Signs that you or a colleague may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome
  • Strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • What managers can do to support staff who may have Imposter Syndrome
How to talk about mental health in your workplace

While conversations around mental health are increasingly common, knowing the best way to discuss this topic from a company perspective can still be tricky.

Companies and employees both have roles to play to reduce stigma around mental health problems at work and this presentation / webinar explores the best ways to do this. 


  • Appreciating what mental health is and that we all have it
  • Moving away from negative connotations associated with mental health
  • The right (and wrong) things to say when discussing this topic with colleagues
  • Creative ways to engage staff on this subject
  • The role of storytelling
How to get a better night's sleep

This popular sleep webinar, delivered by our sleep expert partner, explores the relationship between sleep and wellbeing. Attendees will receive practical advice on good sleeping habits, tips for overcoming insomnia, and an opportunity for people to ask individual questions at the end.


  • 30 minute session delivered in an engaging manner
  • How WFH and lockdown has affected our sleep
  • Best foods to eat for sleep
  • Useful sleep apps and gadgets – and ones to avoid
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Q&A – a chance for attendees to get expert advice
An introduction to mindfulness

Delivered by our Mindfulness expert Vikki, this session explores the practice’s growth, the business benefits, simple techniques for beginners, and insights and advice for those looking to learn more about this ability to be fully present.


  • The growth of mindfulness in the workplace
  • The positive impact mindfulness can bring to companies of all sizes
  • Benefits to individuals
  • How to start your mindfulness journey through simple techniques
  • Info on the best resources and apps
Boost your wellbeing while WFH

With many of us continuing to work from home, our popular webinar advises how to start and maintain healthy habits to improve your wellbeing. Drawing from the Five Ways to Wellness, these suggestions will help boost attendees’ mental health during this difficult time, which in turn will have positive impacts on their working and home lives.


  • Using the Five Ways as your wellbeing anchors
  • Avoiding Zoom fatigue
  • Keeping active during the busiest of days
  • Improving your working environment and set-up
  • Supporting yourself and your colleagues
Yoga - for all abilities and levels

Join experienced yoga instructor Khadeeja Sheikh for Hatha yoga practices and positions over webinar. This Traditional Eastern discipline combines strength and flexibility through a series of movements linked with a focus on breathing, helping to develop a sense of inner wellbeing and calm.


  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Choose a time to best suit your employees – from 30 minutes
  • Choose one-off class or ongoing classes
  • Concludes with Q&A so attendees can receive expert advice
  • Scheduled at times to best suit your staff
Boost your confidence levels

Confidence is something that some struggle with throughout life. But a lack of confidence can also sneak up on even the most confident of us and when we least expect it. This session will explore confidence and its different components, including self-belief, fear of failure and imposter syndrome. We will share some tools to help boost your self confidence and control your nerves when faced with high pressure situations. When we are confident we feel better within ourselves, and a by-product of this can be that we present well outwardly also. We approach tasks more positively and avoid procrastination. 


  • What self-confidence is
  • Tackling fear of failure
  • Overcoming self-doubt and nerves
  • Learn techniques to develop and boost self-confidence
Exercise – the ultimate wonder drug

A 30 minute webinar to get attendees motivated to start exercising or to exercise more. We explore the amazing impact all forms of exercise and physical activity can have on our physical and mental health – hence it is the ultimate wonder drug!


  • Upbeat and inspiring webinar – with insightful info for all fitness levels
  • Evidence and research into the health benefits exercise provides
  • Stimulating examples of the impact of exercise in people’s lives
  • Delivered by our physical health expert, Rebecca Oldham
  • Q&A – a chance for attendees to get expert advice
Improve your emotional intelligence

This session allows attendees to understand and develop their own emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Managers and senior leaders with a healthy mix of emotional awareness, self-management, and social skills are more likely to build engaged and motivated teams.


  • Understand emotional intelligence and why it’s vital in the workplace
  • Develop your emotional awareness and self confidence
  • Using EI to create more effective and productive professional relationships
  • How emotions affect behaviour and performance, and techniques to manage emotions
  • Display empathy in a wide range of situations
Stress awareness - the good and the bad

This engaging stress awareness webinar covers a number of areas, including exploring the good and bad sides of stress, and signs and symptoms to be aware of when stress becomes unhealthy. Content includes videos, case studies and audience involvement.


  • Stress in 2021 – are we getting more stressed?
  • How to handle stressful situations at work
  • Appreciating everyone’s different stress thresholds
  • Turning stress into a positive
  • Ways to destress and unwind – what has been proven to work
Zoom Zumba (for all levels)

Join our experienced Zumba teachers for one of our most popular online sessions – Zoom Zumba! Let Jemma or Verity take you and your colleagues through a series of moves and routines that will get you smiling and those endorphins flowing. 


  • Not exclusive to Zoom, works on Meets and Teams etc 😉
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Camera on or off is completely optional
  • Usually 30 mins but can be longer if required
  • Both teachers are professionally trained
How to manage with empathy

The session explores how managers can – and should – be more empathetic, particularly in light of the current situation. The ability to appreciate the emotions of team members allows managers to become more effective communicators and problem solvers.


  • What is empathy and why it is vital in the workplace
  • Building rapport, trust, and relationships that generate success
  • Active listening and successful communications
  • Impact of empathetic managers on employees
  • Putting this into practice
  • Empathy within the wider workplace
Master your emails and feel good!

Surfing your inbox can feel like relentless waves of never ending conversations, deadlines and demands that need your attention, and people wanting your response. But master your emails and it can improve your productivity, communication and bring order to your workdays. Which in turn boosts your wellbeing.


  • Proven techniques to streamline your inbox management and email etiquettes
  • The email evolution – 2021 and beyond
  • Get emails to work well for you
  • Effective management of incoming emails
  • Clever communication – outgoing email etiquette
Sustainable living and wellbeing

Delivered by our Sustainability partner, this presentation explores the close relationship between sustainable living and our wellbeing. It includes suggestions on how you can connect sustainability to many aspects of wellbeing including physical, social, mental and financial, as well as within the workplace – be that the communal space or working from home.


  • How the choices we make to care for the planet help us to care for ourselves
  • Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint – and simultaneously boost your wellbeing
  • Sustainable, nature-led activities to improve emotional wellbeing
  • Sustainable behaviours that can save you money
  • Creating more sustainable working environments
The art of building healthy habits

Many of us have good intentions to lead healthier lifestyles, but frustratingly we can often fail to build on promising starts and make behaviours become habits. This session explores how to make habits stick and why it is a must to lead a healthy, balanced life. 


  • Building small healthy habits vs restricting ourselves and finding quick fixes
  • The importance of a balanced lifestyle and what that might look like
  • Optimal health vs illness, and the journey between the two
  • The idea of habit stacking, how does it work, examples of habit stacking
  • How do we hold ourselves accountable to these healthy habits
Financial wellbeing - be smarter with your money

Delivered by an independent financial wellbeing expert, aims to help staff ensure they are in control of their money and have clear financial goals and the ability to plan for the short, medium and long term.


  • Understanding your today
  • Setting goals big or small 
  • Choose what you want for tomorrow
  • Knowing your options to get you there
  • Exploring ways to get ‘free’ money 
  • Best apps and options to help you manage your finances 

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