Following the success of our Employee Wellbeing Virtual Festival – which ran at the end of April – we are now offering businesses the chance to develop their own internal employee wellbeing week or festival. Choose any number of sessions from those listed below to create a programme to suit the needs of your business and staff.

We’ll adjust content to ensure it’s relevant to your workforce and sessions can be scheduled at times to suit your business. Each session lasts between 25 and 30 minutes and prices are just £70 per session.

Contact Matthew – – for more details on any of the sessions, or to discuss options for your company’s very own employee wellbeing week or festival, carefully designed to boost morale, wellbeing and productivity during this uncertain time. 


Session options for your employee wellbeing week:


How to Create a Healthy Workplace

This engaging session includes insights and examples from companies that are successfully implementing employee wellbeing schemes and initiatives – and are achieving notable business gains. The examples can be applied to businesses of all sizes and attendees will leave full of ideas around employee wellbeing.


How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep 

This talk, delivered by sleep expert Dr Lindsay Browning, explores the relationship between sleep and wellbeing. You will find practical advice on good sleeping habits, tips for overcoming insomnia, and an opportunity for people to ask individual questions at the end.


Employee Mental Health Awareness

This taster session has been carefully designed to help attendees understand mental health issues that may arise in their workplace – and how to spot signs and symptoms of colleagues that may be suffering.


Boosting Mental Health and Wellbeing While WFH 

With more of us working from home, our popular webinar advises people how to start and maintain healthy habits. Such advice, insights and tips will help protect and improve attendees’ mental health and wellbeing during this uncertain time, as well as providing ways to maintain efficiency and productivity at work.


Yoga with Spa from Ordinary 

Yoga isn’t all about bending into a pretzel and is becoming a popular addition to many workplace wellbeing schemes. Become immersed in your favourite location as Spa from Ordinary invite you to use the power of visualisation as they guide you on a unique and mindful journey with this taster class – which caters to all experience levels and provides an invigorating start to the day.


Workplace Wellbeing – What Best Practice Looks Like

At Shine, we like to think we have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to workplace wellbeing. So in this upbeat, positive and insightful session, we’ll be highlighting the companies – across all sectors and of varying sizes – that are getting it right when it comes to looking after the wellbeing of their staff. We hope these best practice examples will stimulate ideas which you can apply in your workplaces.


Managing a Remote Team 

If you’ve suddenly found yourself managing a team remotely due to the coronavirus situation, this taster session is designed to assist with your ‘new normal’. Understand the shift for you and others, how to ensure good practice in what needs to change to maintain efficiency, successful communication and positive morale. Also includes advice on managing a stagnated team, in line with the possibility that teams may be split between the home and the office in the future.


Managing with Empathy 

The ability to appreciate the emotions of team members allows managers to become more effective communicators and problem solvers. It allows them to build rapport, trust, and relationships that generate success. This talk, explains how managers can – and should – be more empathetic, particularly in light of the current situation.


Talking Workplace Nutrition 

Food has a direct impact on our energy levels and cognitive performance, which is why poor decisions can lower performance and productivity. This session will inform staff about the types of foods that will help get through busy workloads, as well as which food choices are the healthiest ones.


Zoom Zumba

This Latin-inspired dance workout is one of the most popular group exercise classes in the world. We are bringing it to you over Zoom, thanks to Jemma our experienced and qualified Zumba instructor. You and your colleagues can have a bogey, raise a few smiles and feel great during this 25 minute session. You don’t need to be a great dancer to take part – and if you’re feeling shy, you can always close your camera! 


Wind Down Meditation
Join Natalie from Spa from Ordinary who can bring your day to a chilled conclusion with a restorative, guided imagery meditation session. Allow her to take you on a soothing, relaxing escape using the power of visualisation as you journey together to a beautiful, calming beach. All attendees will need is a quiet, comfortable space.
Improved Physical Health
Why you should move more, sit less, and how you can fit these changes into your current working situation. This session provides solutions, with tips and insights on ‘easy exercise wins’ and ‘health hacks’ that can improve your fitness, wellbeing, sleep, and stress levels.

Pleasing feedback for the Virtual Festival

For any further information regarding our employee wellbeing week offering, email: For further details on our Employee Wellbeing Virtual Festival which ran in April, click here