Perhaps more so than ever, it is vital that managers are managing with empathy when dealing with staff. 

The ability to appreciate the emotions of team members allows managers to become more effective communicators and problem solvers. It allows them to build rapport, trust, and relationships that generate success. Our Managing With Empathy workshop explains how managers can – and should – be more empathetic, particularly in light of increasing concerns around returning to workplaces and anxieties over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also covered is how managers can use empathy to increase wellbeing and promote improved performance among their team members, and across companies. Further sections are listed below. This workshop lasts around two hours and can be run exclusively for your business, at a time and date to suit you. Content will be adapted to be more relevant to your needs, challenges and sector. 

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Managing With Empathy Workshop – Sections

  • Adverse impacts on wellbeing and performance
  • Crucial role of managers
  • Understanding what empathy is and is not
  • Impact of empathetic management on employees
  • How to develop your empathy
  • Importance of workplace culture


A shorter version of this workshop can be delivered as part of our Virtual Wellbeing Week offering; click here for more info.