Our employee wellbeing services offer superb value for money, will be well received by your employees, and will deliver results for your business.


Use our services to develop a wellbeing initiative that works for your people. We help companies with their specific workplace wellbeing challenges, projects, and longer term programmes. Core services include:

Webinars & workshops

Mental health support

Staff wellbeing surveys

Stress awareness – the good and the bad – 21st or 25th April 2023 

This upbeat stress awareness webinar – delivered during Stress Awareness Month 2023 – covers a number of areas, including exploring the good and bad sides of stress, workplace stressors, and signs and symptoms to be aware of when stress becomes unhealthy.


Mental health awareness for managers – 26th April 2023 

This engaging and acclaimed workshop has been carefully designed to help attendees feel equipped to deal with mental health issues that may arise at work, and to better support those they manage. Also suitable for anyone involved in workplace mental health and wellbeing schemes. 


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