At Shine, we love a good staff wellbeing survey – and not just because it is one of our core services. When done well, they can provide a wealth of insightful information which can be used to start a workplace wellbeing programme, or to improve an existing one. By canvassing opinion of employees, you are making a powerful statement of intent – that their opinion matters and any concerns they have will be addressed.


Getting it right for your business

The employee wellbeing survey is often the first piece of work we carry out for a client. Our general approach is covered in the next section, but we always start with a conversation around culture, concerns, and intentions before deciding on any questions. We like to provide short snappy surveys to start with – a maximum of 10 questions – so that we get high response rates. And by setting the scene around the purpose of the survey – as well as managing staff expectations from the outset – we generally receive high responses rates. On average, it’s 75% plus.

We like the surveys to be anonymous as staff will be more open and honest, which can lead to the best insights. If necessary we can split the survey by location or department, so we can compare how particular sites or functions compare, but we still ensure that participants cannot be identified.

And while we have example questions and templates for interested parties to look through, all our surveys are bespoke to ensure relevancy.


Our staff wellbeing survey approach

The survey can be run at any time and this is often the approach we take:

  • Meeting/call between Shine Workplace Wellbeing (SWW) and key stakeholders to discuss relevant questions, survey length, etc.
    • We encourage no more than 10 questions and a estimated completion time of under 3 minutes to ensure high participation levels, and that the survey is anonymous
  • Survey created and uploaded to distribution tool, shared with and checked by key stakeholders
  • Survey link sent to key stakeholder to be distributed to staff via email, with accompanying copy – supplied by SWW if required – outlining survey’s intentions, context and any term definitions
  • Survey open for 7-10 working days (during which results updates can be shared with key stakeholders). Reminder sent to staff the day before it closes
  • Survey closes and results report shared with key stakeholders
  • In-person or video-call results session to analyse findings

Following this process you will have a rich source of information to build from and (hopefully) improve the health and wellbeing of employees.

For any further info or to set up a survey, email or call us on the numbers in the footer.