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Employee wellbeing - Our services - Shine Workplace Wellbeing

We spend time getting to know your business and understanding what will make the biggest difference for your employees.

From one-off projects to address specific workplace challenges, to ongoing programmes to maintain your employees’ wellbeing, we create customised plans to address your specific workplace wellbeing needs.

And we measure performance to ensure that programmes are achieving employee buy-in and delivering return on investment.




Providing practical skills in areas ranging from managing fitting physical activity into a busy day, to addressing mental health issues in your team, our workshops will equip and inspire you to improve the wellbeing in your place of work. Sessions are interactive and engaging, using case studies and business examples to bring theory to life. Success for us is attendees feeling energised and confident, ready to put their newly acquired know-how into practice. Workshops are delivered by our experienced facilitators and include: Intro to Personal and Workplace Wellbeing; Mental Health Awareness for Managers; Turning Stress into a Positive; Positive Workplace Psychology; Building Resilience; Managing with Empathy; and Developing Workplace Culture.




How can you ensure that your wellbeing plans reflect what your employees genuinely want (and need) to be happier, healthier and more productive at work? Our surveys provide the insight required to devise the best wellbeing programme for your business. They can also gauge whether existing programmes are working and how they can be enhanced. Designed for maximum participation, and often anonymous to allow staff to answer in confidence, surveys are always created following consultation and based on a real understanding of your business.




Involving a site visit and key stakeholder interviews, our audits enable us to get under the skin of your business and develop a wellbeing plan to meet your needs. Delivered in a format to suit you, each plan includes our recommendations on improvements across employee mental and physical health, workplace culture and office environment, with simple ways for you to get results and achieve best practice.


Policies & Strategies 


Whether your objective is to reduce absenteeism, boost employee engagement, or ultimately land a Best Employer business award, we can develop a strategy to direct and structure your organisation’s wellbeing plans. Our experienced team can also produce wellbeing policies, to outline your stance on areas of wellbeing – such as stress and mental health – and make your employees aware of their wellbeing benefits and support options. Each policy is created with your people in mind, designed to be clear, accessible and engaging.      


Digital Platforms


With our Employee Wellbeing dashboard, you can easily track staff wellbeing activities and see how your schemes are progressing. We can also create bespoke internal employee Wellbeing Hubs and Portals, where all staff can access essential health and wellbeing information in one place, from policies and resources to training modules and relevant articles. Anther digital service we offer is bespoke staff wellbeing newsletters – covering the relevant news, articles, and event information for your staff at a frequency to suit your requirements. 


Activity Days & Weeks 


Thanks to our breadth of services and network of trusted partners, we can create a wellbeing initiative that is unique to you, which might be a specific wellbeing day or a whole programme of activity. We can provide training, seminars or workshops on the topics that resonate most with your employees – whether it’s mindfulness or physical wellbeing for working mums – and provide physical activities of all sorts, from Sports Days to Zumba. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to ensure sessions are relevant and turnout and engagement are high. 


Take a look at the growing number of businesses benefiting from our wellbeing services, or for more information on any of the above services, contact us via email: contact@shineworkplacewellbeing.com 

020 8974 9490 / 07486 108627

Workspace Kennington Park, 1-3 Brixton Road,
Kennington, London, SW9 6DE

Parc House, 25-37 Cowleaze Rd,
Kingston, Greater London, KT2 6DZ