We spend time getting to know your business and understanding what will make the biggest difference for your employees.

From one-off projects to address specific workplace challenges, to ongoing programmes to maintain your employees’ wellbeing, we create customised plans to address your specific workplace wellbeing needs.

And we measure performance to ensure that programmes are achieving employee buy-in and delivering return on investment. Our range of options includes:


Getting started


    • Employee wellbeing survey
    • Company wellbeing audit
    • How to create a healthy workplace (talk)
    • Building the business case for employee wellbeing (workshop)
    • What are progressive employers doing to deliver first class    employee wellbeing? (talk)
    • Personal and workplace wellbeing booster (talk)




General workplace wellbeing


    • Email best practice (talk)
    • Wellbeing for working parents (talk)
    • How to develop a positive workplace culture (workshop)
    • Reclaim your lunch hour – and enhance your wellbeing (talk)
    • How to manage with empathy (workshop)
    • Emotional intelligence for managers (workshop)
    • Flexible/remote working – how to get it right for your business (workshop)
    • Discussing wellbeing in appraisals/reviews and one-to-ones (talk)
    • The importance of active listening (talk)
    • Company wellbeing strategy development (workshop)
    • Employee wellbeing policy/principles creation



Physical health, nutrition


    • Yoga (one-off or ongoing)
    • Breath work
    • Company sports days
    • Nutrition (all talks/workshops):
      • Making smart food choices during a busy working day
      • Nutrition for mental performance and to boost fatigue
      • Stress, digestion and the corporate environment
      • The role of nutrition in mental health

Digital platforms, analysis


    • Regular internal wellbeing newsletters
    • Internal wellbeing portals
    • Reporting tools to track effectiveness of your wellbeing initiative
    • Follow-up surveys

Mental health


    • Mental health awareness training for managers (workshop)
    • Mental health awareness training for employees (workshop)
    • Coping with stress – and turning it into a positive (talk)
    • How to talk about mental health in your workplace (talk)
    • Positive mental health – how to be in the best place mentally to thrive at work (workshop)
    • Panel discussion – making mental health conversations acceptable in your workplace
    • Mental health champions – choosing the best people in your workplace for this vital role – and how to support them (workshop)
    • Mental health policy / principles development

Massage, mindfulness, sleep


    • Massage
      • Virtual reality massage
      • Bespoke back massage
    • Mindfulness (talks/workshops)
      • The role of mindfulness in the workplace
      • Using mindfulness to combat stress
    • Sleep (talks/workshops)
      • Sleep, wellbeing and how to wake up feeling refreshed
      • Shift work and sleep – ways to still get your required quota
      • Sleep, stress and the workplace



Further options


    • Supporting your employees financial wellbeing (talk)
    • Managing menopause in the workplace (talk)
    • Bereavement support (talk)
    • Why volunteering is good for wellbeing – how to choose a role to suit your lifestyle (talk)
    • Digital detox; reducing screen time to boost wellbeing (talk)
    • Ergonomic and workplace needs assessments
    • Award applications (e.g. Best Employer, Healthy Workplace etc)




For further details on any of these options, including running times and prices, email contact@shineworkplacewellbeing.com

Take a look at the growing number of businesses benefiting from such employee wellbeing services.

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