Workplaces committed to employee wellbeing can expect positive results

We offer a variety of services that enhance employee wellbeing for our clients.

Employee feedback followed by an introductory workshops are often good starting points. Covering areas such as physical and mental health, healthy eating, corporate and management support, sleep, workplace culture – as well as any topics pertinent to your business – workshops highlight to all staff the importance of managing wellbeing, as well as offering employers advice on simple ways to start.

We develop employee wellbeing programs for businesses that perhaps don’t have the resources to do this internally, or we offer guidance regarding how to get a scheme started and how to maintain one. We can develop and maintain employee wellbeing policies that allow your workplace to gain recognition, awards and to attract and retain staff. 

We provide ongoing and bespoke consultation services to help your company overcome any employee wellbeing challenges. Additionally we also build and manage bespoke wellbeing portals (Intranet or an internal blog). These can host wellbeing resources, articles, info on upcoming events and policies, which ensures your staff can access relevant information at all times.


Delivered in a relaxed manner, workshops are tailored to suit client need, particularly if there’s a key area to be covered. Otherwise an ‘Introduction to Employee Wellbeing’ approach often works well, providing an overview on key topics. Workshops are great way to involve all of your staff or they can be tailored to specific staff groups.

Your Wellbeing Resource

Employee wellbeing schemes can be developed, maintained and refreshed by using us on a project or an ongoing basis. We can offer solutions to your wellbeing challenges: From designing a mental health best practice policy, developing discreet staff surveys, or organising specific events, we are on-hand to answer queries and offer swift assistance.

Awards & Recognition

We help businesses get recognised for their commitment to their staff. This could be through accreditation from a government backed charter or from local, national, or sector business awards. We help companies reach the required standards to obtain such recognition – implementing subtle changes that have positive business impacts.

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