The benefits of having healthy, happy, and committed employees are now appreciated by contemporary employers. These include improved productivity, efficiency, and creativity, staff who are more engaged with the company they work for, and lower absenteeism.

From one-off projects addressing specific workplace challenges, to ongoing programmes to maintain your employee wellbeing initiative, we deliver creative and effective employee wellbeing solutions which are appreciated by staff at all levels. 




Our engaging sessions include: Intro to Workplace Wellbeing; Mental Health Awareness for Managers; Positive Psychology for Managers; Positive Psychology for Employees; Stress and Anxiety Management; Building Resilience; and Developing Workplace Culture. Delivered in an engaging manner, the material covered often includes case studies, business examples, and interactive elements to help underpin learning and stimulate discussion. All workshops are delivered by our skilled and experienced facilitators. 




A great way to start or improve a wellbeing initiative. Our anonymous surveys – often short to ensure a high participation rate –  allow staff to answer in confidence, which often leads to insights and ideas that help shape wellbeing strategies and activities. This approach allows plans to be truly employee focused while staff appreciate that they have a voice in the process. Questions are decided on during a consultation, ensuring they are relevant to your workplace. Follow up surveys can track progress. 




A combination of site visit and consultation with key wellbeing stakeholders allows us to produce a wellbeing action and support plan for clients. The plan includes information on possible improvements across employee mental and physical health, workplace culture, office environment etc and simple ways to achieve such improvements and reach best practice. Plan delivered in digital format to suit client (typically interactive PPT/PDF) as well as in-person meeting. 


Activity Days & Weeks 


Using our services and drawing from our trusted partners, we can organise a range of sessions and activities across a set period to suit employees’ needs. These can include some of our workshops mentioned above and also Yoga, Mindfulness and Exercise classes. We often include 30 minute talks and seminars on wellbeing topics such as Sleep Best Practice, Making Smart Food Choices, Physical Wellbeing for Working Mums, Fitting Exercise into a Busy Day, and Financial Wellbeing Advice. Such a programme is carefully designed with our clients, to ensure sessions are relevant, there’s high turnout, and engagement is high. 


Digital Platforms


Keep abreast of your employees’ wellbeing activities and engagement, and see how your schemes are progressing via our Employee Wellbeing dashboard facility. This interface is often included as part of a package plan. We also build and maintain internal Employee Wellbeing Hubs, which host resources, policies, training modules, relevant articles and information on internal events, and staff can access whenever they need to. Such hubs or internal portals are fully customisable. We are also able to produce Internal Employee Wellbeing Newsletters – covering the relevant news, articles, event information etc for your staff at a frequency to suit your requirements. 


Policies & Strategies 


We’ve created interactive and engaging wellbeing policies for clients, ensuring employees are fully aware of their wellbeing benefits and support options. Such policies can include information on the company’s stance and support on a wide range of wellbeing related areas (such as alcohol and drugs misuse, smoking cessation, stress and mental health etc) and are presented in a clear and welcoming tone, in contrast to conventional policy documents. Our strategy creation allows clients to work towards their employee wellbeing goals – such as lower absenteeism, higher engagement, healthier and happier staff. These strategies allow employers to plan activities, workshops and sessions, all with those goals in mind. 


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