We are now running regular three-hour ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ workshops for managers and those responsible for the welfare of others in any place of work. They have been carefully designed to help attendees feel equipped to deal with mental health issues that may arise in their workplace. While the focus will be on how to manage problems that occur, we will also cover how a workplace can take a proactive stance to create a healthier working environment to hopefully reduce the chances of mental health problems from surfacing. These engaging and interactive workshops will be run by a fully qualified phycologist, with expertise and experience of mental health at work.


Agenda and areas covered:

Delivered in an engaging manner, the material covered on the day includes case studies, examples, videos and interactive elements to help underpin learning and stimulate discussion. The workshop covers six areas:

Mental ill-health at work
  • Understanding the common problems – Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Recognising signs and symptoms
  • Using internal and external support
How to have a conversation about mental health
  • The importance of communication, active and non-judgemental listening
  • Two way dialogue and check-ins
  • The right and wrong things to say and do
Roles and responsibilities of a manager
  • Useful tools and resources
  • Managing stress levels among the team
  • Looking after yourself


Understanding the employees’ perspective
  • Appreciating how an employee struggling with their mental health may feel
  • Insights from businesses reducing the stigma around mental health in their workplaces
Returning to work
  • Managing an employee who is off with a mental health problem
  • Preparing for their return
  • Supporting them when they return
Creating a healthier workplace
    • Proactive approaches to reduce the risk of further mental ill-health absences
    • Appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health – and communicating this to employees
    • Employee wellbeing activity tips and examples from companies excelling in this area


All attendees leave with a toolkit of resources to refer to – including Return to Work exercises, tips on creating a healthy workplace, and all the material covered in the course. The next workshop is on December 10, 2020 at 10am. To secure a place, click here.