Workplace mental health support

Workplace mental health support 

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Our mental health awareness workshops can be delivered exclusively to a company and that is the approach Edelman, one of the world’s biggest PR agencies, took in late 2020. After consultations with senior figures in its HR team, we adapted our content to ensure the workshop was more relevant to the audience – managers working in the stressful world of PR, during the pandemic. 

Online sessions were delivered (by our mental health specialists) to Edelman’s UK management team. This ensured that those in management roles were able to talk more openly to staff about their mental health and wellbeing, as well as emphasising the importance of looking after their own mental health. 

The workshops included video content and group exercises to keep attendees engaged, with participants able to share their thoughts and challenges with peers and facilitators. We also included information about the company’s wide ranging wellbeing programme and support network, to remind managers that resources were readily available for both them and their teams. 

“This was really useful and well delivered. I appreciated the emphasis on ‘looking after yourself’ – easy to forget when managing a team and your own workload”

Senior Manager, Edelman UK