Women in the workplace in 2024 

This session explores where women are in the workplace in 2024. Yes, there’s been great progress in recent years, but there’s still work to do before parity with men is achieved. We highlight the companies that are leading the way when it comes to this progress, assess flexible working and how to truly make it work for women, as well as looking at how organisations can specifically support women’s health and wellbeing.

Content includes:

  • The evolution of women in the workplace 
  • Top employers for gender equality in 2024
  • Flexible workload: Measuring impact not workload
  • What makes women happy at work? 
  • Supporting women’s workplace health and wellbeing 

Webinar duration is around 45 minutes. The session can also be delivered in-person if required. We can also deliver this in a customised workshop format – with more content relevant to your organisation – with a duration to suit your needs. 

Consider running this session on or around March 8th, which is International Women’s Day

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