Throughout the autumn months we are running a series of employee wellbeing workshops which are open to anyone. Topics include mental health, parenting, loneliness, and burnout. Take a look at the list below to find out what’s being covered and when: 



10th October: For World Mental Health Day, we will be running our Employee Mental Health Awareness session at 11am and 2pm. Carefully designed to help attendees understand how mental health issues may arise in their workplace, this 40 minute webinar also focuses on how to help create a supportive working environment. Content covers active listening, empathy, appreciating factors that contribute to our mental health, and ways to stay mentally healthy. Find out more here. 

19th October: On this day, our highly acclaimed Managers’ Mental Health Awareness Workshop returns, starting at 09.30. This engaging workshop has been designed to fully equip attendees to deal with mental health issues that may arise at work. Run by our mental health consultant, Sally Harris, it also covers how workplaces can take proactive steps to creating a healthier working environment. Content includes case studies, examples, videos, and interactive elements to help underpin learning. More info here.



9th November: Our popular, free-to-attend Creating a Healthy Workplace in 2023 will be delivered at 11am. This insightful, 30 minute webinar features best practice examples from companies that have successfully developed employee wellbeing initiatives, and are now achieving notable business gains and creating thriving work cultures. Attendees will leave full of ideas and insights that they can use for the wellbeing schemes at the companies they work for. Find out more here. 

10th November: One of the most popular sessions we’ve delivered to clients in the past 18 months has been Wellbeing for Working Parents. We have now made this available as an ‘open’ session, commencing at 11.00. This online workshop aims to guide your employees who are juggling work and parenting, helping them maintain their own wellbeing while staying productive and on top of their work. Packed with insights and engaging videos, content is designed to help create more supportive working environments for parents. More info can be found here.

16th November: Managers’ Mental Health Awareness Workshop. Details above. 

23rd November: Join us for Combatting The loneliness Epidemic, where we explore ways to tackle this growing issue – as individuals, communities, and within organisations. With engaging content throughout, we examine how, if we can collectively reduce loneliness, we will take a major step towards creating a mentally healthier society and more connected working environments. More info here.



8th December: Another chance to join our Creating a Healthy Workplace in 2023 session. Details above. 


For further information on any of the above wellbeing workshops, or to discuss a group discount for multiple sessions, email: