Our Wellbeing for Working Parents webinar and workshops aim to guide your employees who are juggling work, parenting and, due to the impact of the pandemic, home-schooling, helping them maintain their own wellbeing and stay productive. They are anchored on proven approaches and practices and includes current advice given the changing, and challenging, situation. Both the webinar and workshop are delivered by a respected expert and author in this field, and cover the following areas: 

  • The anchors of keeping productive, mentally healthy, and boosting wellbeing 
  • Developing personal and family plans to allow you all to flourish
  • How to manage the feelings of stress and anxiety when juggling work and parenting 
  • Boosting your child / children’s wellbeing during this time
  • Flexible working approaches to support the juggle 
  • Resources and support to keep you calm and productive 

We also encourage a discussion amongst attendees regarding their successful approaches – or their less successful ones! We’ve all appreciate how tough this can be 😉


Webinar or workshop? 

Our 45 minute webinar session is designed to offer suggestions and insights that attendees can take away and start applying to their situations. The Wellbeing for Working Parents workshop covers similar areas, but a running time of 2 hours allows for a deeper understanding of the topics, an opportunity for more discussion, attendee participation and to explore some businesses that are excelling in this area. 

For more information on either of our Wellbeing for Working Parents offerings, contact Matthew via email: matthew@shineworkplacewellbeing.com. Either can be run as a standalone session or included as part of an Employee Wellbeing Programme or an Online Wellbeing Week

(Photo credit: Jessica Lewis via Unsplash)