If you’re looking to plan some employee wellbeing sessions around relevant awareness days and periods in 2024, this handy guide should help! We have sessions to coincide with such awareness days / weeks / months, and the best bit is we are running special offers and / or open webinars around many of these important topics and events.


February 2024

  • 1st: Time to Talk Day
  • 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day

The month starts with Time to Talk Day, the nation’s biggest mental health conversation. Apt ways to mark this day could be by running our Employee Mental Health Awareness webinar, or How to Talk About Mental Health at Work. On Random Acts of Kindness Day, consider hosting one of our newest webinars – The Power of Kindness – and How it Boosts Our Wellbeing.

March 2024

  • 8th: International Women’s Day
  • 15th: World Sleep Day
  • 20th: International Day of Happiness

March sees the above three days you may wish to activate around, starting with International Women’s Day. Another recent addition to our line-up is Women in the Workplace in 2024, which champions the businesses getting gender equality, and highlights inspirational women in work. Our How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep webinar is a client favourite, while to fit in with the Happiness theme around the 20th, we’re running a special offer on our webinars.

April 2024

  • Stress Awareness Month 
  • 7th: World Health Day 
  • 13th: Imposter Syndrome Day 

Throughout April it’s Stress Awareness Month, for which our Stress – the good and the bad session is perfect for. On or around World Health Day, consider offering Exercise – the Ultimate Wonder Drug to your staff. Midway through the month sees Imposter Syndrome Day, which may be an opportune time to cover this topic via our Overcoming Imposter Syndrome webinar. 

May 2024

  • 13th – 19th: Mental Health Awareness Week 

The main focus this month is Mental Health Awareness Week. You could run any of our mental health focused sessions and/or join our Mental Health Awareness Workshop, which is running on Wednesday 15th in the morning. This workshop is designed for managers, ‘Mental Health Champions’ and/or any employee who is responsible for supporting the wellbeing of colleagues, and creating the working conditions under which every individual can thrive. 

June 2024

  • 1st: Parents’ Day 
  • 10-14th: Healthy Eating Week 
  • 10-16th: Men’s Health Week 
  • 12-18th: Loneliness Awareness Week 
  • 24-30th: World Wellbeing Week 

One of the busiest ‘wellbeing’ months of the year, which kicks off with a focus on parenting. The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week starts on the 10th, as does Men’s Health Week. Combatting the Loneliness Epidemic is a presentation we launched in response to concerns around the growing number of people feeling lonely – June could be the perfect time to run this at your organisation. The month concludes with World Wellbeing Week, during which we are offering a discount on our webinars

July 2024

  • 18th: World Listening Day
  • 24th: Self Care Day 

A slightly quieter month with just two key wellbeing days. World Listening Day could be a good time to offer our Active Listening in the Workplace presentation, while Self Care Day provides a choice of options, such as Boost Your Mental Health While Working From Home or Healthy Digital Habits.

September 2024

  • 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day
  • 12th: Mindfulness Day
  • 20th: National Fitness Day

If you think your employees would benefit from knowing more about Mindfulness, our Intro to Mindfulness is the perfect session to run around Mindfulness Day. One of our favourite awareness days is National Fitness Day – ‘a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in assisting us to lead healthier lifestyles’. Our How to Exercise More (Without Really Trying) webinar is the perfect session to run around this day!

October 2024

  • 10th: World Mental Health Day
  • 18th: World Menopause Day

October sees one of the biggest days in the wellbeing calendar – World Mental Health Day. You could run any number of our mental health related sessions around this date. The following week it is World Menopause Day with our Talking Menopause in the Workplace a suitable accompaniment to run then.  

November 2024

  • 13th: World Kindness Day 

There are less awareness days as we get to the end of the year. World Kindness Day brings another opportunity to perhaps run our The Power of Kindness webinar. Although there is no specific day for this, as winter approaches we would suggest running our Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder session during November or December. Or consider our Master Your Emails and Boost Your Wellbeing webinar – a session that has quickly become a client favourite.

Hopefully we have covered all of the relevant wellbeing related awareness dates above, however we will add to this list if we come across any more during the course of the year!