Webinar special offer: 3 for £475 or 6 for £925 from any of the following insightful sessions:

    • Mental Health Awareness for all Employees
    • Boost Your Mental Health and Wellbeing while WFH 
    • Understanding Burnout – and How to Prevent it
    • Active Listening and Effective Communication 
    • Master Your Emails and Boost Your Wellbeing 
    • How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep
    • Healthy Digital Habits to Improve Wellbeing
    • Stress Awareness – the Good and the Bad
    • Wellbeing for Working Mums and Dads 
    • Making Smart Food Choices 
    • Combating the Loneliness Epidemic 
    • Simple Hacks to Boost Your Physical Health 
    • How to Talk About Mental Health in Your Workplace 
    • Menopause Awareness for all Employees
    • Sustainable Living and Wellbeing
    • Reclaim Your Lunch Break for Wellbeing Wins
    • Exercise – the Ultimate Wonder Drug

Webinars typically last around 40 minutes. Sessions can be delivered at any time to suit your organisation. Price quoted above is for up to 30 attendees. Sessions can be delivered in-person, if preferred. 

I thought the format was great and I liked that you shared content in a variety of ways: pictures, video, audio. I also think the images you shared were really powerful; by sharing pictures of people smiling you’ve reminded us that we’re all on a mental health spectrum and we can never assume to know what might be going on behind that smile

Alix Pochribniak, Bowel Cancer UK, commenting on the ‘Mental Health for all Employees’ session

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