Understanding burnout and how to avoid it 

Oct 13th 2022. 09.30 – 10.30 (UK)

£20 per attendee

This insightful workshop has been designed to help attendees understand the early warning signs and the key symptoms of burnout, thus hopefully reducing the chances of attendees succumbing to burnout themselves.

With interaction and participation throughout, the session also looks at how burnout manifests, and ways to prevent it in both working and home life. We also explore how employers can help to reduce the risk of burnout amongst their staff and create supportive working environments. 

Content include: 

  • What is burnout and how it affects us
  • Key symptoms and stages of burnout – and how it differs from stress 
  • Non-workplace burnout factors 
  • How we can prevent it – individually and collectively
  • Ways to reduce it in the workplace
  • Specific advice for managers

For more information on the workshop and/or if you wish to purchase places but would prefer to be invoiced, contact us via email – matthew@shineworkplacewellbeing.com. We can also run this exclusively for your business, online or in-person: price available on request.