The power of kindness – and how it boosts wellbeing

This session will look at how powerful kindness can be both in terms of boosting our general wellbeing, but also improving workplace culture, relationships and morale. We cover how acts of kindness can produce emotional warmth and oxytocin, a hormone that has so many benefits to our physical and mental health. We look at companies adopting a kindness culture and how this is in turn having a positive impact on performance. 


Content includes:

  • The science behind how kindness impacts our wellbeing 
  • Defining the concept of kindness at work
  • How employers can engender kindness into workplace culture 
  • How kindness can boost business performance and company culture 
  • Kindness ideas – how to ‘pay it forward’ 

Webinar duration is around 40 minutes. The session can also be delivered in-person if required. We can also deliver this in a customised workshop format – with more content relevant to your organisation – with a duration to suit your needs. 

Consider running this session around relevant awareness days such as Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17th) and World Kindness Day (Nov 13th). 

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