Stress awareness – the good and the bad: Thursday, April 24th, 11.30 – 12.15

£8 per attendee 

This upbeat stress awareness webinar – delivered during Stress Awareness Month 2024 – covers a number of areas, including exploring the good and bad sides of stress, and signs and symptoms to be aware of when stress becomes unhealthy. Content includes videos, case studies and (optional) audience involvement. 

Content includes: 

  • Stress in 2024 – are we getting more stressed?
  • Stress awareness at work – handling stressful situations 
  • Appreciating everyone’s different stress thresholds
  • Turning stress into a positive
  • Ways to destress and unwind – what has been proven to work
  • Assessing your current stress levels


For group discount options contact us via email –

We can also run this exclusively for your business, online or in-person, either during Stress Awareness Month 2024, or at any time that works for you. Contact us for additional information.