Lockdown restrictions, the cold weather, work to do, Netflix to watch… there are plenty of reasons why it’s tricky right now to get out and exercise. However our latest webinar – Stay Active While WFH – is designed to subtly inspire and motivate attendees to give their physical, and mental, health a welcome boost. 

With an emphasis on working from home, this session provides suggestions, insights, and easy exercise wins and health hacks to improve your fitness, wellbeing, sleep, and stress levels. It provides recommendations on simple equipment for those looking to invest, free resources to use, popular apps, and reflects the different living, working, and family situations, as well as disposable time levels, of the audience. 

This engaging webinar, delivered by Bek Oldham, a fully-qualified personal trainer, who previously spent 14 years working in an office, includes 10 simple tips providing wide-ranging physical and mental wellbeing boosts, which if maintained, should help home and working lives. Whether attendees are exercising regularly or struggling to get started, Stay Active While WFH provides something for everyone. 

Our Stay Active While WFH webinar can be run as a standalone session or included as part of an Employee Wellbeing Programme or an Online Wellbeing Week

For more information contact Matthew via email: matthew@shineworkplacewellbeing.com.