Wellbeing is undoubtedly something of a buzz term at the moment with more people paying greater attention to their physical and mental health. More businesses are also giving it greater importance and investing in corporate wellness and staff wellbeing schemes to, potentially, provide numerous benefits to workforces.

While larger businesses may allocate financial and HR resources to such initiatives, staff wellbeing schemes are not exclusive to companies with 100+ members of staff.

They can be easily adopted by SMEs – with or without a dedicated HR department. Shine Workplace Wellbeing has been established to satisfy this need for businesses of this size. We work closely with key stakeholders (or a single individual) to understand company culture, aims, existing issues and challenges.

Often companies are already doing some great work around wellbeing and their commitment to their staff. However, it’s regularly an isolated policy or, when they are a few policies in place, they can be slightly fragmented.


Simple and cost effective to introduce

It’s straightforward, via some consultation with us, to join the dots with policies and construct something more visible and transparent. Often changes are minimal and it’s simply a case of implementing and introducing some new procedures and – often the challenge – ensuring they don’t become a passing fad.

Because if they are regularly referred to, workplace wellbeing schemes can make a significant impact on a business’s efficiency. Absenteeism and presenteeism can be lowered; productivity and creativity can be enhanced; job satisfaction can flourish; and loyalty from employees to their employer can be significantly strengthened.

Set-up costs are minimal. Shine Workplace Wellbeing’s standard cost is significantly less than you’d pay a recruitment agency for a hire. A well implemented and maintained scheme will provide a significant return-on-investment within months. It can also lead to an award from a local council. Shine will write up an article upon successfully introducing a workplace wellbeing program.

This can be shared on your website, maybe even in trade press and such a commitment to your staff can help attract a higher calibre of applicant next time you are hiring. And winning an award means you will be able to add your accreditation to your website and around your office.

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