Hi. Thanks for visiting this piece – the first from Shine Workplace Wellbeing 😉

Shine Workplace Wellbeing was founded in 2018. Prior to this, my background was predominantly in marketing – working for consultancies and brands over the past 15 years.

I’ve been part of teams where employee engagement has been championed, and when it has been woefully neglected. Having experienced the benefits of the former, I become interested in this area and developed engagement and wellbeing programs as part of previous management roles.

In 2017, I decided to change careers. Passionate about the powers of exercise and healthy living, I trained as a running coach and, separately, as a health and fitness coach. It was during this training that I decided I wanted to offer a more encompassing wellbeing service to companies – particularly small and medium sized companies – that care about their employees’ wellbeing, but perhaps don’t know where to start when it comes to delivering such initiatives.


Professional qualifications in Workplace Health, Wellness and Wellbeing were gained, which enabled me to develop bespoke plans and to ensure businesses meet specific criteria to achieve government accreditation. And Shine Workplace Wellbeing was born!

While Shine Workplace Wellbeing is based in the SW London area, we have already worked with businesses in other parts of the country and we can cover all parts of the UK. So if you are a business interested in developing a workplace wellbeing initiative, contact me via email – matthew@thriveworkplacewellbeing.com – or call 07486 108627.