Virtual wellbeing events to mark a year of WFH

To mark the one-year anniversary since the UK went into its first lockdown, we are running a series of online employee events designed to boost mental health and wellbeing after what has been a testing 12 months for all.  

Choose one or a package of sessions that you think your staff will appreciate. Mix and match a mental health session with a Zumba dance class or introduce them to mindfulness combined with helping them get a good night’s sleep – the choice is yours. 

You can invite individual teams or all staff to any sessions of your choice. Or if you’d like sessions exclusively for your company – at a time that suits your staff – that can be easily arranged. 

All sessions last around 30-35 minutes unless otherwise specified. Register any interest via the form below and if possible, let us know how many employees there are in your company to help us provide a swift price estimate. 

Join open sessions or offer them exclusively for your staff

Wednesday 24th March

9.30am: Employee Mental Health Awareness 

This webinar provides simple ways for attendees to create mentally healthier workplaces at the companies they work for. We also cover the importance of looking after your own mental health and wellbeing, particularly during these challenging times. It includes info on how to spot signs and symptoms of mental ill-health conditions, stress awareness, as well as useful ideas and resources for the workplace, and ways to get conversations started about this delicate topic.


12.30pm: Yoga with Khadeeja

Join experienced yoga instructor Khadeeja Sheikh for Hatha yoga practices and positions over webinar. This Traditional Eastern discipline combines strength and flexibility through a series of movements linked with a focus on breathing, helping to develop a sense of inner wellbeing and calm. Lasting 30 minutes this session is suitable for all abilities.


4pm: Curbing Digital Use to Boost Wellbeing

Can modifying our digital habits – screen time, smartphone use, better email management – improve our overall wellbeing? We believe so, and in this engaging and thought-provoking webinar, we’ll explore ways and means to make some healthy adjustments, and amend some dangerous habits, that will help mood, wellbeing, productivity, and sleep. 


Thursday 25th March

10am: Physical Health Hacks While WFH 

Join our exercise specialist, Rebecca Oldham, as she discusses ways to stay active while working from home, with suggestions, insights, and easy exercise wins plus health hacks to improve your fitness, wellbeing, sleep, and stress levels. It will cover recommendations on simple equipment for those looking to invest, free resources to use, popular apps, and reflects the different living, working, and family situations, as well as disposable time levels, of the audience.


12.30pm: Zoom Zumba

Let Jemma take you and your colleagues through a series of moves and routines that will get you smiling and those endorphins flowing. This feel good dance session has been one of our most popular options during the past few months. Join in and you’ll soon see why! No experience or equipment needed. 


2pm: How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep 

This talk, delivered by our sleep expert partner, explores the relationship between sleep and wellbeing. You will find practical advice on good sleeping habits, tips for overcoming insomnia, the best foods to eat before bedtime and how the pandemic and WFH has affected our sleep. The session concludes with an opportunity for attendees to ask their own sleep questions.


Friday 26th March

10am: Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness has soared in popularity in recent years and is now being adopted by a number of businesses, who have found it hugely beneficial across teams and companies. This session explores this growth, the business and personal benefits, how to start your Mindfulness practice (with simple techniques shared) and a look at the best available apps and resources. 


12.30pm: Boost Your Mental Health and Wellbeing While WFH

With working from home set to continue for the coming months, our popular webinar advises people how to start and maintain healthy habits, all from the comfort of their home working environment. Such advice, insights and tips will help protect and improve attendees’ mental health and wellbeing during this uncertain time, as well as providing ways to maintain efficiency and productivity at work.


For more details and pricing info, please complete the form and choose the sessions of interest

“Thank you for the thought provoking webinar. I thought the format was great and I liked that you shared content in a variety of formats: pictures, video, audio. I also think the images you shared were really powerful. We all too often link physical with emotional state and by sharing pictures of people smiling you’ve reminded us that we’re all on a mental health spectrum and we can never assume to know what might be going on behind that smile.”

Alix Pochribniak, Senior Digital Engagement Officer, Bowel Cancer UK