Our services help reduce stigma and create a supportive working culture. From a one-off workshop or webinar, to ongoing support, our range of mental health support at work services includes the following: 


Awareness workshop for managers
Run by a fully qualified mental health specialist, this training can be tailored to reflect your company’s needs and can be run at a date and time to suit you. We have adapted content to reflect the pandemic, WFH and return to the workplace. Sections include: 


  • Understanding common workplace mental ill-health conditions
  • Having conversations about mental health and responsibilities for a manager
  • Understanding the employee’s perspective
  • Dealing with a mental health related absence
  • Being proactive to reduce the chances of mental health-related absences

Workshop also suitable for mental health champions and/or those involved in employee wellbeing initiatives

Stress awareness - the good and the bad

This engaging stress awareness webinar covers a number of areas, including exploring the good and bad sides of stress, and signs and symptoms to be aware of when stress becomes unhealthy. Content includes videos, case studies and audience involvement


  • Stress in 2021 – are we getting more stressed?
  • How to handle stressful situations at work
  • Appreciating everyone’s different stress thresholds
  • Turning stress into a positive
  • Ways to destress and unwind – what has been proven to work
Mental health policy creation

We work with you to define the overall vision of your company’s approach to mental health, providing a universal resource for preventing and treating any mental health conditions that occur, but also to promote positive mental health in your workplace. 


  • A clear indication of your commitment to supporting mental health
  • A guide for those who may be concerned about their own mental health
  • Useful advice for managers / employees if a colleague approaches them about their struggles
  • Info on available internal and external resources and support
How to talk about mental health in your workplace

While conversations around mental health are increasingly common, knowing the best way to discuss this topic from a company perspective can still be tricky.

Companies and employees both have roles to play to reduce stigma around mental health problems at work and this presentation / webinar explores the best ways to do this. 


  • Appreciating what mental health is and that we all have it
  • Moving away from negative connotations associated with mental health
  • The right (and wrong) things to say when discussing this topic with colleagues
  • Creative ways to engage staff on this subject
  • The role of storytelling
Awareness webinar for all employees

This webinar – delivered by our qualified mental health consultant – has been carefully designed to help attendees understand how mental health issues may arise in their workplace, and how to help create a supportive working environment. Including the sections below, it is suitable for employees of all levels.


  • Stress, anxiety and depression – recognising signs and symptoms
  • How to support a colleague is who is struggling
  • Active listening and showing empathy
  • Appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health
  • Ways to stay mentally healthy – with a focus on WFH
'Champions' – selection, support & training

Mental health champions, wellbeing wizards, wellness warriors – call them what you wish – we can provide the training and support they need. Led by our experienced mental health consultants, we will ensure the staff attaining these positions are the best fit for your company and that they can help create a mentally healthier workplace.

Such ‘champions’ means those who are struggling have support options, and employees at all levels can become one.


  • Applicant assessment; ensuring the right people are selected
  • Training workshops and role development
  • Check ins and regular support for the champions – ensuring their mental health is not negatively impacted by this role
  • How companies can raise awareness of the champions

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