Our Mental Health Awareness workshops are now underway and we’ve had some positive feedback thus far. Carefully designed by Rebecca Peters to help attendees feel equipped to deal with mental health issues that may arise in their workplace, they are aimed at managers and those responsible for the welfare of others in any place of work. 

Here’s some feedback we had from attendees from the Rose Theatre and Kingston Council:

“The workshop really proved that there are SO many preventative measures as well as ways to challenge and test yourself as a manager/responsible colleague. It also helped me appreciate that the wellbeing of your colleagues is such a crucial part of your role at work.”


“Content was really good and I liked the use of activities”


“It has given me a better understanding of what I would do if a colleague was off for mental health reason and has also inspired me to make sure all my staff (I run the youth theatre at the Rose) know that we are supportive and here to help if needed.”


“I really enjoyed the atmosphere created in the workshop. I liked that we were able to discuss, but that it wasn’t forced and I enjoyed the exercises which were really enlightening but again didn’t put anyone in the spotlight. I also appreciated the openness of the session – given the topic it was important that we heard the real stories and experiences as it made it less theoretical and much more real.”


Future workshops

There will be no Mental Health Awareness workshops in August, but the sessions will return on the morning of September 25 at Vox Studios in Vauxhall, and will also run in October and November. Exact dates and times for October and November will be confirmed very soon. 

If you would to reserve a place, contact rebecca@shineworkplacewellbeing.com and for more information on workshop contents and costs, click here.