Mental Health Awareness Workshop

23rd May 2024. 09.30 – 12.00 (UK) / £89 per person 

This workshop is designed for managers, ‘Mental Health Champions’ and/or any employee who is responsible for supporting the wellbeing of colleagues, and creating the working conditions under which every individual can thrive.

Delivered in an engaging manner, the material covered in this online two and-a-half-hour interactive workshop includes case studies, examples, videos and interactive elements to help underpin learning and stimulate discussion.

This workshop is run by Sally Harris, an experienced workplace mental health specialist. Content reflects the changing world of work, the pressures we are all under, and covers the following areas: 


Mental ill-health in the workplace:

  • Understanding the common problems
  • Recognising signs and symptoms
  • Using internal and external support

Having conversations about mental health:

  • Two-way dialogue and check-ins 
  • The right and wrong things to say and do 
  • The importance of communications and active listening 

Responsibilities for a manager:

  • Using the manager competency framework 
  • Resources and support 
  • Looking after yourself 

Appreciating the employees’ perspective:

  • What it’s like to struggle with a mental health issue 
  • Wellbeing role models at work
  • Businesses reducing mental health stigma 

Managing an absence and return to work:

  • Dealing with employees off work because of mental ill-health 
  • Preparing for the employee’s return 
  • The ‘return to work’ process 

Creating a healthier workplace:

  • Proactive approaches to reduce the risk of mental health absence 
  • Appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental heath 
  • Ideas to start / improve your employee wellbeing programme 

All attendees leave with a toolkit of resources to refer to and all the material covered in the course. For more information on the training, please email

If you wish to purchase places but would prefer to be invoiced, contact us on the above email address. We can also run this exclusively for your business, online or in-person: price available on request. 

“The content and how the course was delivered was spot on. I have been on quite a few mental health in the workplace courses and  I would say this was the most beneficial so far”

Beth Pollard, Wellbeing Lead, Covea Insurance