Mental Health Awareness Week – May 10-16, 2021

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we are running our acclaimed Employee Mental Health Awareness session, over webinar, for your staff and colleagues to join. Webinars will run on the dates below, lasting 40 minutes. 

Our Employee Wellbeing Awareness webinar provides simple ways for attendees to create mentally healthier, and supportive workplaces at the companies they work for. We also cover the importance of looking after your own mental health and wellbeing, particularly with many of us continuing to work from home. 

It includes info on how to spot signs and symptoms of mental ill-health conditions, stress awareness, useful ideas and resources for the workplace, the importance of empathy, and the right and wrong things to say and do when having conversations about this delicate topic.

  • Tuesday May 11th at 2.30pm 
  • Thursday May 13th at 2.30pm

You can invite individual teams, all staff or simply those that are interested in this subject. Or if you’d like this webinar exclusively for your company – at a time that suits your staff – that can be easily arranged. 

Register any interest via the form below and if possible, let us know how many employees there are in your company to help us provide a swift price estimate. 

Join scheduled sessions or offer them exclusively for your staff

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“Thank you for the thought provoking webinar. I thought the format was great and I liked that you shared content in a variety of formats: pictures, video, audio. I also think the images you shared were really powerful. We all too often link physical with emotional state and by sharing pictures of people smiling you’ve reminded us that we’re all on a mental health spectrum and we can never assume to know what might be going on behind that smile.”

Alix Pochribniak, Senior Digital Engagement Officer, Bowel Cancer UK