Managing your child’s smartphone life 

This insightful and thought provoking webinar is suitable for parents who are looking to navigate the increasingly concerning issue of children and smartphone usage. With tons of advice, guidance and recent research now out there on this issue, we believe we have found and distilled the pertinent info that parents should be aware of. We decided to create this session following ‘non work’ conversations between ourselves on the issue – thus the webinar is delivered by parents ‘living’ (and struggling at times!) with this situation. 

Please note that this session is balanced – we cover various angles and look at the pros and cons of a number of options (eg smartphone bans, monitored use etc) so that attendees leave more informed and are more confident in the choices they make for their child(ren). 

Content includes:

  • Establishing what works best for you and your child(ren)
  • The impacts of smartphone use on children in 2024
  • How to set boundaries, negotiate usage and example ‘contracts’*
  • Smartphone alternatives
  • The positives of smartphones and how they can enhance a child’s life
  • How to be a parent smartphone role model

Webinar duration is around 45 minutes. The session can also be delivered in-person if required. We can also deliver this in a customised workshop format – with more content relevant to your organisation – with a duration to suit your needs. 

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