There are a number of wellbeing related awareness weeks running in June – and we have related content on offer to include in your employee wellbeing programmes.

Loneliness Awareness Week runs from June 13th – 17th. To mark this week, our Combating Loneliness presentation could be suitable for your staff. 

Men’s Health Week is also running at a similar time – June 13th to 19th. We have a number of male-focused presentations available to complement this important week. These are: Mental Health Awareness for Men, Wellbeing for Working Dads*, and Boost Your Physical Health While WFH.

Healthy Eating Week is being held at the same time (June 13th – 17th). To coincide, our Making Smart Food Choices may be something your employees would appreciate. 

More info on all of these sessions can be found below. 


Combatting the Loneliness Epidemic   

Loneliness is affecting more people across the world and in this session we explore ways to tackle this – as individuals, communities, and within organisations – and help overcome this epidemic. With insightful content throughout, we explore how, if we can collectively reduce loneliness, we will take a major step towards creating a mentally healthier society. 


Mental Health Awareness for Men 

This session has been carefully designed to help male attendees understand mental health issues that may arise in their workplace. It includes sections on how to spot signs and symptoms of colleagues that may be suffering, active listening and empathy, appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health, and how to make conversations on this subject easier. Despite the serious topic, this is an upbeat presentation and we also explore positive mental health and ways to stay mentally healthy. 


Wellbeing for Working Dads*

This webinar aims to guide your employees who are juggling work and fatherhood, helping them maintain their own wellbeing and stay productive. Content includes insights on time management, family harmony, managing conflict, support networks, and developing personal and family plans to allow you all to flourish. * – Mums are also very welcome to attend! 


Boost Your Physical Health While WFH

This 35 minute webinar provides suggestions, insights, and easy exercise solutions to improve your fitness. It offers recommendations on simple equipment for those looking to invest, and reflects the different living, working, and family situations, as well as disposable time levels, of the audience. 


Making Smart Food Choices

Delivered by our qualified nutrition expert, this webinar has been refreshed to reflect that many of us are still spending some time working from home, covering areas including smart snack choices, lunch and breakfast for work performance, foods to avoid while working, and the best times to indulge. It concludes with a Q&A section, allowing attendees to get personal, expert advice. 


For more information on any of the above sessions, email 

And on June 29th we will be running our next Mental Health Awareness Workshop. If you would like a place or places, these are currently available at a special reduced rate of £69 per person (normally £89) with further group discounts available on request. For more info on the contents, click here.