External mental health support

If your staff need someone to talk to about any mental health issues they are facing – and would prefer not to talk to people within the company – we can provide some options to help. We can establish a support service for businesses to use our partner counsellor or therapists, with a range of specialisms to suit individual need and preference. 

Alternatively we can review the best EAP options to suit your company’s needs.


Direct access to trained professionals via video or voice call

Can be integrated into wider company wellbeing programmes / policies (where applicable)

Packages and options to suit your company's budget

Independent EAP review - we do not have partnerships with organisations in this space

Companies to have benefitted from this session include:

For more info on our External mental health support services, please complete the form

Or if you’d prefer, email Matthew – matthew@shineworkplacewellbeing.com – or call 020 8974 9490 to discuss this and any other options. Click here, to return to the Services page.