To mark the Queen’s Jubilee, we are offering selected second webinars for £70 this summer – We have no doubt Her Majesty would approve of this regal offer 🙂 

That means if you take one webinar at our normal price (£179) you can add a second webinar for just an additional £70. The following webinars are available as part of this offer: 


Mental Health Awareness for All Employees 

This session has been carefully designed to help attendees understand mental health issues that may arise in their workplace. It includes sections on how to spot signs and symptoms of colleagues that may be suffering, active listening and empathy, appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health, and how to make conversations on this subject easier. Despite the serious topic, this is an upbeat presentation and we also explore positive mental health and ways to stay mentally healthy. 


Boost Your Wellbeing While WFH

With many of us continuing to work from home, our popular webinar advises how to start and maintain healthy habits to improve your wellbeing. Drawing from the Five Ways to Wellness, these suggestions will help boost attendees’ mental health during this difficult time, which in turn will have positive impacts on their working and home lives.


Wellbeing for Working Parents

This webinar aims to guide your employees who are juggling work and parenthood, helping them maintain their own wellbeing and stay productive. Content includes insights on time management, family harmony, managing conflict, support networks, and developing personal and family plans to allow you all to flourish.


Boost Your Physical Health While WFH

This 35 minute webinar provides suggestions, insights, and easy exercise solutions to improve your fitness. It offers recommendations on simple equipment for those looking to invest, and reflects the different living, working, and family situations, as well as disposable time levels, of the audience. 


Combatting the Loneliness Epidemic   

Loneliness is affecting more people across the world and in this session we explore ways to tackle this – as individuals, communities, and within organisations – and help overcome this epidemic. With insightful content throughout, we explore how, if we can collectively reduce loneliness, we will take a major step towards creating a mentally healthier society. 


Making Smart Food Choices

Delivered by our qualified nutrition expert, this webinar has been refreshed to reflect that many of us are still spending some time working from home, covering areas including smart snack choices, lunch and breakfast for work performance, foods to avoid while working, and the best times to indulge. It concludes with a Q&A section, allowing attendees to get personal, expert advice. 


Healthy Digital Habits 

How can we create healthy digital habits and can they improve our overall wellbeing? We believe so, and in this engaging and thought-provoking session, we’ll explore ways and means to make some healthy adjustments, and amend some dangerous habits that will help mental health, wellbeing, productivity, and sleep.


Master Your Emails and Boost Your Wellbeing   

Email anxiety is a thing and many of us suffer from it to some degree. This session will arm you with the insights and tools to overcome any such concerns, helping you take back control of your inbox which in turn will see your productivity soar – as well as giving your wellbeing a welcome boost! With proven solutions and innovative approaches, this webinar always gets great feedback from employees looking to manage workloads more efficiently. 


Understanding Burnout and How to Avoid it 

This session has been carefully designed to help attendees understand the early warning signs and the key symptoms of burnout, as well as how to ensure burnout does not engulf your workplace. Alongside looking at how burnout manifests, we explore ways to prevent it in both working and home life, and cover how employers can help to reduce the risk of burnout amongst their staff. 


Stress Awareness – the Good and the Bad 

This engaging stress awareness webinar covers a number of areas, including exploring the good and bad sides of stress, and signs and symptoms to be aware of when stress becomes unhealthy. Content includes videos, case studies and audience involvement and we cover how to turn stress into a positive, and how to handle stressful situations at work. 


Active Listening and Effective Communication

As businesses adapt to new ways of working, there has never been a more important time to improve connection, communication, and to listen more. This session will look at what active listening is, how it can be an important tool for workplace performance and wellbeing, and includes proven techniques for effective communication in the workplace.


Sessions can be delivered anytime in June, July or August 2022 (but must be booked before July 15th). For more information on any of the above sessions, email or fill in the box below. 


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(Photo credit: Ian Taylor on Unsplash)