Employee wellbeing at a small company

Employee wellbeing at a small company

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A small company with a big heart, we were tasked by Crown Simmons Housing to develop a multi-faceted employee wellbeing programme to support its 20 strong workforce, a mix of office based and on-site employees. 

We started with a survey and presented the results back to the wellbeing committee. From here we developed a programme, providing workshops – including stress awareness, mental health training for managers, and an introductory session for all staff. Matthew from Shine, who led the work, was invited to join the company’s wellbeing committee and attended monthly meetings. We offered advice on wellbeing communications and established a small ‘wellbeing space’ in the office. 

A key component of our work was to adapt policies to help improve employee wellbeing and develop a wellbeing culture within the business. As you can see from the below feedback, this work was well received. A follow-up survey was run after 6 months, where a uplift in key metrics was evident.  

“Shine has guided us through our wellbeing journey so far, which has included surveys, workshops, and being part of our wellbeing committee. The work on updating and developing our Wellbeing policy was particularly pleasing – it’s now a document staff can engage with and is easy to update as our wellbeing initiatives evolve”

Emma Solomons, Customer Services Director