Employee mental health awareness: Wed, July 31st May (10.30) & Tue, 8th Oct (14.00)

£7 / £9 per attendee 

This 40 minute session has been carefully designed to help attendees understand how mental health issues may arise in their workplace, and how to help create a supportive working environment. It is suitable for employees of all levels and covers both elements of mental ill-health and positive mental health. We are confident that attendees will leave with a greater understanding of mental health, empathy, and how to look after themselves. 

Content includes: 

  • Stress, anxiety and depression – recognising signs and symptoms
  • How to support a colleague is who is struggling
  • Active listening and showing empathy
  • Appreciating the factors that contribute to our mental health
  • Ways to stay mentally healthy 


For more info on this session and/or for group discounts contact us via email – matthew@shineworkplacewellbeing.com

We can also run this exclusively for your business, online or in-person: contact us for additional information.