Shine’s team of experts understand the realities and challenges of business life, having worked at a range of companies before moving into the wellbeing industry.

Since launching in spring 2018, we have helped over 120 companies improve the health and happiness of their workforce, which in turn has boosted overall business performance.  We also work with a wider network of trusted partners to deliver activities and workshops covering sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, dance, yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

Meet the team

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Matthew Carlton, Founder

In 2017, Matthew gave up a career in marketing to pursue his passion for exercise and wellbeing, retrained and began studying workplace wellbeing. He identified a growing demand to help companies support both the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees – and SWW was born! Matthew regularly shares his workplace wellbeing expertise in the media and at industry events, where he is known for his insightful and upbeat approach.

He oversees commercial duties and client programmes at Shine and is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help companies create better workplaces where employees can thrive. He boosts his own wellbeing via physical activity: a keen runner, he has completed six marathons and loves playing football and cricket, particularly with his two young sons!

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Rebecca Oldham, Physical Health

Sport has always been a massive part of Rebecca’s life; as a teenager she was a county athlete, playing netball since she was nine and in more recent years, running the London Marathon. Until her late 30s sport and fitness were just hobbies she enjoyed outside of her public sector, office-based job. However after the birth of her first son in 2015, she embarked on a change of career change.

In 2017, she qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer and this enabled her to leave her desk job and follow her passion for health and fitness. In addition to working with Shine, Rebecca is currently a PT at a boutique transformation gym, as well as running online classes to help people stay fit and healthy during lockdown.

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Natalie Edwards, Head of Client Relations

With over 15 years in the spa and wellness space, and after 10 years working overseas on cruise ships, private resorts, and yachts, Natalie returned home to the UK and decided she wanted to encourage people to focus on their wellbeing – through an array of offerings in offices, workplaces and events. After meeting Matthew at an event in 2019 and discovering a shared passion for wellbeing, she has recently joined Shine as the Head of Client and Partner Relationships and is keen to share her knowledge and expertise. 

A qualified masseuse and yoga instructor, she enjoys getting outdoors, exercising, travelling and exploring, and meeting new people.



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Vikki Little, Mindfulness

After 20 years in the fast-paced and competitive automotive industry, and 10 years into running her own business, Vikki discovered Mindfulness. According to her “it has been one of the most positive changes I have made to my life; a change that has benefited me in so many different ways; my wellbeing, my relationships, my businesses and in my overall enjoyment of life and all that it has to offer.”

Vikki’s unique approach combines her experience working as a business owner operating in a tough industry, with mindfulness techniques and transformational coaching. This helps individuals and organisations improve wellbeing, achieve balance in all areas of life, reduce anxiety (particularly in the workplace), realise potential and achieve personal and professional growth.

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Jemma Carlton, Zumba

A graduate of Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance, Jemma is a classically trained actor and dancer. In 2019 she trained as a Zumba instructor and has worked with Shine for businesses including the Rose Theatre and Workspace, as well as running sessions during a number of client online wellbeing weeks. 


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Sally Harris, Mental Health Consultant

With a background in Counselling and Mental Health, Sally is the perfect person to lead our acclaimed Mental Health workshops and presentations. Sally worked for four years at Restore, an Oxfordshire charity working towards a society where people with mental ill health feel empowered to lead lives they find meaningful. She then moved on to Oxfordshire Mind, working as a facilitator and recovery co-ordinator. 

Sally’s calm, caring and thoughtful approach to the aforementioned workshops have drawn praise from many attendees. As an experienced workplace mental health specialist, she has been able to insightfully guide attendees through the content, ensuring they return to their places of work more equipped to deal with any mental health related challenges. 

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Dr Lindsay Browning, Sleep

Lindsay is a speaker, neuroscientist and sleep consultant with a Doctorate (DPhil) from the University of Oxford where she investigated the relationship between worry and insomnia. She also has an MSc. in Neuroscience and a BSc in Psychology. As a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a member of the British Sleep Society and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, she is a fully qualified and respected professional in the field. Her first book – Navigating Sleeplessness – was released in 2021.

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Emer Pateman, Consultant

With a background as a life coach and a keen runner, Emer has always had a strong interest in health and wellbeing. She channelled this interest into the workplace by successfully implementing an employee wellbeing programme in her role as a Deputy Principal at a nursery business, helping the company achieve a London Healthy Workplace Award. 

Since being part of the team at Shine, Emer’s passion for wellbeing can be seen in her wide-ranging, topical and insightful blog pieces, her work on client projects, and her presentations on confidence and imposter syndrome. 



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Nigel Pacey, Consultant

Nigel helps Shine’s clients to embed a wellbeing culture in their organisations, by ensuring senior management understand the benefits of a happy, healthy workforce. He delivers training in areas such as workplace culture, resilience training, and managing with empathy.

In 2012, he set up Huntcliff Ltd to provide leadership coaching and training for housing associations, local authorities and charities. He is currently Chair of the Trustees for Elmbridge Rentstart, a charity which helps single homeless people into accommodation in the private sector. Nigel likes to boost his wellbeing with a weekly round of golf!

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Khadeeja Sheikh, Yoga

After suffering for most of her life with debilitating stress-related conditions, Khadeeja was astounded how much yoga helped her to work through these, healing to create a life that was happier, more balanced and fulfilled. 

In 2016 she completed her Teaching Diploma with Yoga Alliance and has grown her following and experience since. She regularly teaches Hatha yoga, a traditional Eastern discipline which combines strength and flexibility through a series of movements linked with a focus on breathing, helping to develop a sense of inner wellbeing and calm.

As well as working with Shine, Khadeeja also works with Nuffield Health, running yoga sessions for all levels at their gyms across SW London.

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Meg Murray Jones, Parenting

Meg supports parents with their own wellbeing, using her knowledge of their emotional and physical journey into parenthood and beyond. This knowledge is complemented by both her past experience in director roles at leading PR agencies, as well as being a mother to two children. As a MAR qualified reflexologist, she has helped clients navigate stress, trauma and imbalance.

She is also the driving force behind Postpartum Plan’, providing all the experts new parents should have access to, via a ‘virtual village’ online dashboard. 



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Emily Grace, Food & Nutrition
With a keen interest and background in competitive swimming, health and fitness has always been of great importance to Emily. Having spent over eight years in a fast paced and desk heavy sales role, she decided it was time for a career change so she retrained as a holistic health and wellbeing coach in 2020.
Such training included a large focus on food and nutrition, and in late 2021 she began working with Shine and now heads up our offering in this area. Additionally, she also runs sessions on ‘The art of building healthy habits’, exploring how to make habits stick and why it is a must to lead a healthy, balanced life. 
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David Sheridan, Sustainability

David is the founder of My Carbon Manager, an application to help consumers understand and manage the carbon footprint of their homes and vehicles, providing a practical solution to move from climate change awareness, to meaningful action. Passionate about making lasting changes that can genuinely help in the battle against climate change.

David delivers presentations and webinars for Shine which explore the relationship between how sustainable living is intrinsically linked to our wellbeing. 



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Gow Nimalan, Junior Consultant

With a degree in Medical Anthropology from Durham University, Gow is dedicated to caring for communities by promoting better health through the improvement of mental wellbeing. She supports the delivery of a number of our client wellbeing initiatives.

Often working alongside our specialist partners she is committed to analysing and reporting new and relevant information on thriving in the workplace, as well as regularly contributing to our content through articles, blogs and social media. Her own methods of living a happy lifestyle is through meditation and running.